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Purchasable with gift card. Tags alternative ambient claro de luna instrumental post rock progressive rock shoegaze Costa Rica. Claro de Luna recommends: Claro de Luna go to album. If you like Claro de Luna, you may also like: Bandcamp Album of the Day Dec 17, go to album. On Bandcamp Radio. Featuring guests Ian Simmonds and Paper Tiger. In the Timbermaw Hold, between Felwood and Winterspring, there is a path in the cave that snakes north on the minimap. That path leads you into moonglade.

Comentario de bEwaRe As well as Comentario de Arcath Preemptive !

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Comentario de Huurka For ever and ever and ever Comentario de Cyklone Amen. And this is indeed a druid only map, you cant get the FP, unless you are a druid, so save yourself the trip there. Comentario de qhiiyr I'm gonna make this easy. Moonglade hosts Lunar Festivals. Comentario de Fonjask Just a question, is there a mailbox anywhere here? Comentario de killmurlocs to bad all the mobs are critters or mabye only druids cn see the mobs. Comentario de Nightbreak Please try to keep the links within wowhead sites.

Comentario de marlana If you are under Level 45, don't do what I did I had the aide of a Level 70 through the Maraudon quests, and when I went to turn in Seed of Life, I realized I didn't have a flight path for Moonglade being human and all. Going through Felwood is okay if you stay on the roads, but to pick up quests to be friendly with Timbermaw, you need to be level I am Level If you don't have the reputation, you will die a horrible death in the tunnel.

I couldn't even make heads or tails of the tunnel because I was attacked in every direction. You need to originally go west through the tunnel, and if you are unfriendly you will die. The suggestion to go to Darkshore, swim to Moonglade territory, drown, and res at the Spirit Guide in Moonglade is pretty much your only option as a lower level toon unless you have someone who's willing to wipe out the tunnel for you. I've been trying to turn this quest in for the last hour and a half, and finally called on my 70 to help me through the tunnel. As I wait for him to meet me in Darkshore, I am typing this out, hoping you will learn from my mistake.

Good luck, and may your blades never dull.

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Comentario de patrikman I am lvl 70 Tauren Shaman and I am traveling trough the world to see all the areas in Azeroth so I went to Moonglade. The furbolgs in tunnel atatcked me, but with lvl 70 nothing happens. Comentario de shamytwinks im sorry i have never been here lol how do i get here? Comentario de itsnotbarry Of course you can just do 1 quest and increase rep with the Timbermaw and walk freely into Moonglade You can swim from Darkshore into Moonglade territory check the minimap title , drown yourself, res inside Moonglade, meet the Keeper end of Seed of Life Quest from Maraudon , get your flight path, run the gauntlet of Timbermaw Hold, you only need to protect yourself enough that you can run far enough inside until the area becomes Felwood!

Check out the screenshot progression for a visual summary.

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Comentario de Seersha As my hunter I just ran through Timbermaw Hold and did a feign death and ice slick every so often. It was pretty easy.

Comentario de SaxxonPike They should really add a reagent vendor here. Comentario de thomaster93 As for Meliann, I have a question: Comentario de hunterowns LOL Hehee Comentario de Morendhil Even leap years. Comentario de RedwoodElf One creepy thing about Moonglade But there are NO herbalism nodes. Not one. Apparently, only useless plants grow in Moonglade.

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Comentario de EbonKnight wat skills and forms? Comentario de Psyblade1st Possible to unlock the zone by the Lunar Festival event. Comentario de moonwarlock It is really easy to unlock the zone for the archief. So, for those who don't like add-ons and don't have the coordinates add-on, the Horde FP is on the left side of the road from Felwood into Moonglade. Comentario de jimmerb Entrance to Moonglade can be found at For druid, after the quest Heeding the Call you'll get the spell Teleport: You need 50lvl to get through or gain enough rep Flight masters are: Comentario de vocation If you're looking for a mailbox you really should stop looking, because there is no mailbox in Moonglade.

Guess what? Comentario de Seac Interesting possible lore note: Along the bottom of the lake, in various spots, are small doodads that look somewhat like woven pillars.


They have a red glow effect around them. I don't know if these are related to the druids or if they have something to do with Omen, the Lunar event NPC that is "sleeping" below the lake. Comentario de lepetitcaporal I went to moonglade as a lvl 46 human warrior to turn in The Seed of Life.

I was going to turn it in with a guildie who was slightly ahead of me by going through the tunnel. He had been killed a couple of times, but luckily for us, when i got there he had 2 lvl 60s helping with him. We got through fine after that. No obstante, dada la proximidad de la Luna, esa luz permite orientarse, e incluso, fotografiar el paisaje como la imagen de la derecha.

La Tierra es para la Luna lo que ésta para nosotros, en lo concerniente a la iluminación de ambos discos, pero las fases son inversas para dos hipotéticos observadores situados en ambos astros. Inversamente, durante el novilunio , cuando el hemisferio lunar visible de la Tierra no recibe luz solar, el hemisferio terrestre vuelto hacia la Luna se halla iluminado por el Sol y refleja hacia nuestro satélite bastante luz como para que en la superficie lunar la iluminación sea comparable a la luz crepuscular de un anochecer terrestre.

La intensidad de la luz lunar varía enormemente en función del ciclo lunar, pero incluso una luna llena típicamente provee una iluminación de apenas unos 0. Cuando la luna es vista desde una gran altura en latitudes tropicales, la emitancia luminosa puede alcanzar los 0. El color de un claro de luna, particularmente cerca de una luna llena, aparece azulina al ojo humano comparada con la mayoría de las fuentes lumínicas artificiales.

El albedo de la Luna es de 0. El fenómeno lunar es similar al apreciable respecto de otros cuerpos celestes.

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